Signs that a Leo Man Likes You

The Leo man loves the drama (and sometimes even the tragedy) of an epic romance. He wants it to be just like in the movies or in an 18th Century novel set in an English mansion. Someone should probably tell him that in the movies it doesn’t always work out. So what are the signs that a Leo man likes you or loves you? Let’s have a look at what astrology can tell us.

He’s kind of old fashioned when it comes to letting you know that you’re the one for him. He’ll have Interflora working overtime bringing the flowers to your door and don’t be surprised that one night (at around 2am) you can hear him outside your window.

Thankfully he’s not attempting to break in (that’s really not his style) or peering through to catch a glimpse of you. Nope he’ll be strumming his guitar and singing about your romance. If you’re lucky it’s a guitar, if you’re unlucky then he’ll be into drums.

Like a lovesick Lord Byron he’ll start to write long romantic poems or songs (a good voice is not guaranteed)for you. He’ll write down his thoughts and feelings about your stunning beauty, flawless body and generally how totally fantastic you are. It can feel good, but sometimes it’s maybe a little too much for a girl to take.

Be warned, there’s no guarantee that his poetry isn’t going to come across as some first attempt by a teenager trying to cling on to his first love. Really, it might be dreadful.But I guess it’s the thought that counts and most girls will find it very, very sweet indeed.

With a Leo man the love signs are always obvious. He’s not as direct as an Aries, but sometimes actions speak louder than words. Once he’s committed you’ll get the outpouring of adoration and the general floaty feeling that you’re completely loved. Once he’s fallen in love you’ll know it for sure.

Sometimes this can feel a bit uncomfortable, because he’ll want to be around you all the time to bask in your beauty and general awesomeness. If you’re a woman who likes some space then this could cause problems. The Leo man in love will want to spend every waking moment with you, every sleeping moment too. If you’re a girl who likes this kind of constant companionship then he’s a great match for you, if not then you could feel like he’s taking over your life completely and you’ll start to resent him.

Another sign that he’s decided you’re the one (other than he’s already talking to you about the wedding plans) is that you might start to see his jealousy levels go through the roof. He wants to have you all to himself and doesn’t understand why you would want to spend time with anyone else, because he doesn’t want to spend time with anyone else with you around. He thinks that you should show your love and commitment to the relationship in the same way that he does and expects you to want and need him and only him.

If there’s another man around you then forget it. His the Leo lion will come out with his teeth gnashing and his claws flying, ready to take on whoever it is that dared to flirt with you or offer to buy you a drink. When you’re in a relationship with him, he expects you to have eyes only for him. Even if you’re simply having some innocent fun with a guy that you used to know in High School.

In his mind it’s just you and him and that’s the only thing that matters. Actually, there is no you and him but rather ‘us’. Beware, you have to be careful not to turn into the kind of couple that wear matching jackets and start to look like each other like a dog often looks like its owner. I don’t know how that happens, but it’s true. Nature is weird sometimes.

It seems I’ve got a little negative with the last few paragraphs, so I’ll end this article on something more positive because it really isn’t all bad with this star sign. Once he’s in love with you then you’ll mean the world to the Leo man. He will treat you like a princess and he’s unlikely to even glance at another woman. If you can put up with his possessiveness and burning need to spend so much time with you then he’s quite a catch, you’ll feel completely adored and he’ll invest so much in your relationship that it could be a romance that ends like in the movies. One of those with the happy endings.