Signs that a Taurus Man Likes You

Sometimes the signs that a Taurus man likes you can be subtle and difficult to pick up on, one minute it might seem that he’s completely attracted and devoted to you and the next minute he seems emotionally cold and distant. This happens because he’s very cautious about just diving right in to a new relationship and needs to be sure in himself that you’re not going to hurt or disappoint him.

He cares a little too much about what other people think of him and he’s going to be looking to you to make sure that you don’t make him look bad or stupid. You almost need to treat him like he’s better than you and you know it. This can be really hard at first but once he gets a bit more secure in your relationship he’ll drop this demand.

Because he’s so aware of what people think of him, one of the first signs that he likes you is that he takes you out shopping for clothes. This isn’t all about you though, he knows that how you look reflects on him and his reputation. At this point you might feel more like a trophy than a girlfriend. Even so, he does want you to feel good too and knows it’s not all about him all of the time.

As soon as he’s over his initial phase of testing the waters he’ll start behaving like you’re a married couple, which can feel a bit odd after experiencing how cold and distant he was at the start of the romance. This is the sign that he’s decided he does want to be with you. He’ll even start telling you all the long term plans he has for you and him in the future.

One of the sure signs that a Taurus male likes you is that he loves to invite you over to spend time with his family and friends. Make sure that you impress them enough and a switch will flick in his head that turns a possible relationship into a lifelong romance.