Understanding the symbolism of numbers can be of a great help to others in learning many aspects of themselves. Within Symbolism, numbers do not only mean quantities, as in the use of mathematics, but also in ideas, and each with its own particular meaning and force.

All numbers spring forth from the Number 1, which is the very first point of expression, from the non-manifest into the manifest.

With every birth a soul is born into this world. Every name at birth contains within a divine command. There are many Numerologists who believe that our names are written within ‘the book of life’ being recorded as a promise of opportunity and privilege within life (this depends upon the individual using their vibrations wisely). Numerology also demands a promise from us-to keep and hold faith with the mission that has been written within our destiny numbers…

Numerology brings to us through understanding ‘a spiritual/religious awakening’ it is not a system of fortune telling, it will aid each individual through numerical vibrations and give us a purpose and mission within life. They are, like all other of life’s systems, a balance of both positive and negative energies… but there is no such thing as ‘a bad number’. reading a numerology chart is the easy part, as these are simply the words given to you… understanding and applying these simple words lie within you – the individual involved.

Again free-will and choice are given, unlike many other forms of ‘the occult’ mysteries. The harder you pull against your vibrations, particularly the ones that you recognize, then the harder it becomes to reach your full potential and your destiny… Once again, numerology is not a fortune telling system.

Life Path Numerology
Your date of birth will give you your life path number, which tells you what kind of personality and abilities you have. The life path number will stick with you throughout your life.

Pythagorean Numerology
The Greek mathematician and Philosopher Pythagoras is said to have been the first to realize the effect of the vibrational energy of numbers on our lives.

What is Numerology?

Career Numerology